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Posted by Decker on August 27th, 2012

The Timberwolves are the best team in Minnesota. Wow, Minnesota sports is not in good shape.

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Grand Opening Sale! Get 20% OFF to Celebrate…

Posted by GameSetMatch on August 23rd, 2011

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Tags: Fun, Games, Qwebstores, QWebstores.com, Toys, ToysGamesAndFun.com
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McNabb: Overlooked

Posted by Decker on August 2nd, 2011

As far as quarterbacks go, the biggest talk of the off-season was Kevin Kolb going to Arizona. However, the biggest move will be Donovan McNabb. Minnesota is in win-now mode with a great defensive line and Adrian Peterson. If they started a rookie quarterback, that would not be win-now mode. This is the move that will make Minnesota have a legitimate chance at the playoffs.

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Posted in Minnesota Sports Stuff | 2 Comments »

Something Needs To Be Done

Posted by Decker on June 21st, 2011

The Minnesota Timberwolves certainly have no direction. If one was doing a fantasy draft on a video game, the T’Wolves roster would look great. Having Love, Beasley, Rubio, Flynn, Wes Johnson, Anthony Randolph, Webster, and what looks to be Derrick Williams is simply just a plethora of young talent. However, something needs to be done.

That is eight players listed above who will all obviously lobby for playing time. Kevin Love is well on his way to becoming a stud after his extremely impressive season last year. And it looks like Minnesota will use their second pick to get Derrick Williams. But then what? Where does that leave Beasley in the rotation? What is to be done with Anthony Randolph? Will Johnny Flynn’s trade value continue to diminish since Rubio will obviously start?

The Timberwolves have been linked to trade rumors involving Pau Gasol, but who knows how true that is. That would be great for the Lakers, as they need to get younger, and Derrick Williams could be a great player. But what would Gasol do for Minnesota? Would he really become a good guy in the locker room, going from a championship contender to a rebuilding team? And having two natural power forwards (Love and Gasol), that would force one of them to play at center.

Something needs to be done; it seems like having too much young talent could never be a bad problem, but it is if the team has no direction.

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Upcoming Adrian Peterson Autograph Signing

Posted by GameSetMatch on May 17th, 2011


Adrian Peterson
Former Univ of Oklahoma Star and Current Minnesota Vikings Star Running Back
Upcoming Signing – 6/26/2011

Here are the details:
Where: Reliant Center
When: 6/26/2011
Phone: (908) 258-7228

All Orders and Mail-Order need to be received by: 6/10/2011

Flats up to 11×14: $210.00;
Footballs, Helmets: $290.00;
Jerseys, Equipment, Other: $290.00;
Inscriptions: $50.00

Adrian Peterson Upcoming Signing

  Place a presale order for the Adrian Peterson Signing or check out
  a full list of Upcoming Memorabilia Signings.

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Tags: Adrian Peterson, adrian peterson signing, Autograph Signing, Football, NFL
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Vikings Some Signs of Good to Come

Posted by GameSetMatch on December 29th, 2010

The Vikings displayed signs of superior play during their game last night with the NFC East champions the Philadelphia Eagles. Jump on those Super Bowl XLV odds in the sportsbook as soon as possible! Because so many teams are still alive to make the NFL Playoffs this season, there’s never been a better time to get in on Super Bowl betting action than today! Go for money by wagering on the Super Bowl! The Vikings knew that they are only playing for pride because they are not making it to the playoffs this year, but that did not stop them from putting on a great performance. Rookie quarterback Joe Webb had an average show going 17 for 26 throwing for 195 yards and had a rushing touchdown. He has showed that he can handle a tough defense and shows promise for seasons to come.

On the defensive side, the ball play was unpredictable but effective. The Vikes held Vick to only 63 rushing yards with one rushing and one passing touchdown. The Vikings missed a couple of interception opportunities but at the end of the game it did not hurt them. The Vikings will be closing out their 2010 campaign against the Detroit Lions. The Vikings may not be Super Bowl bound but that does not mean the action is over for the Vikings fans. With only a week left before the end of the NFL regular season, Superbowl predictions appear to be flying everywhere! Log onto the sportsbook and back up your Super Bowl predictions with Super bowl bets on the teams you believe will get into the big game! Great odds are still available on a number of Super Bowl contenders!

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Tags: Football, Minnesota Vikings, minnestoa, NFL, Vikings, vikings football
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Harvin Misses Another Practice With Migraines

Posted by sasilverandblack on November 11th, 2010

Percy Harvin missed another practice Thursday in preparation for the Chicago Bears this Sunday. Harvin’s migraine headaches are certainly nothing new. They’ve dated back to his college days at Florida. He is also nursing a sprained ankle he suffered against the Patriots. That didn’t seem to hamper him too much in last week’s come from behind win against the Cardinals where he caught nine passes for 126 yards.

Brett Favre is getting healthy as well. He was held out of Wednesday’s practice but participated on Thursday as he tries to get healthier in his battles with ankle, foot, and calf problems. His chin has apparently healed up for the most part.

Hopefully Harvin can go for the Vikings on Sunday. They will need him if they want to upset the Bears. And hopefully Childress is gone if they lose. This team needs both either way.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Tags: Bears, Brett Favre, NFL, Percy Harvin, Vikings
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Dolphins D Befuddles Favre

Posted by sasilverandblack on September 21st, 2010

The Vikings are 0-2. Looking back at my expectations for this season, I found myself second guessing them. Is Favre really ready to play 16+ games for this team again? Can Favre find a go-to target in the passing game? Will Adrian Peterson’s brilliant running attack be thwarted by a stagnant offense? So far, it seems like the answers to those questions are no, no, and unfortunately, yes.

Number four committed four turnovers on Sunday for the home team purple and gold. Two of his three interceptions came in the Dolphins redzone. Favre looked uncomfortable in the offense in last Thursday’s season opener against the Saints, and this week against the Dolphins was no different. In fact, he looked even more uncomfortable.

Favre said coming into the season that duplicating last year’s magical run would not be easy, but right now he is not even close to the same level of production. In two games, Favre has four interceptions. He had seven total last year. This should come as no surprise due to his devil may care gunslinging mentality. Jets fans remember those 20 interceptions he threw.

I guess when it comes down to it, I am not all that surprised. Sidney Rice is out, the Vikings top receiver from last year. Without him, there just aren’t many offensive threats out there in the passing game. Percy Harvin is a slot guy who relied on his catches when the focus was on Rice. Now that he’s gone and Harvin isn’t 100 percent, he is less effective. Bernard Berrian seems to be lost in the wilderness with this team. He had a couple great years with the Bears, and I figured he would be able to duplicate that. Not so.

Now the Vikings are discussing a trade for Vincent Jackson, the disgruntled Chargers wide receiver. This is truly an act of desperation. The Vikings need a weapon in the passing game. I don’t like Jackson, but with not many other options, it’s looking more and more logical.

Peterson was the workhorse, rushing for 145 yards and one touchdown on 28 carries. It was good to see Toby Gerhart get some action as well. Like last week against the Saints, the Vikings had a chance to win this game. With two minutes and change left, the Vikings had the ball at the goal line. On four straight plays Peterson got the ball, and on four straight plays he was stuffed. That last attempt he was almost certain to get in. He should have leaped over the pile. Instead, he tried to bulldoze his way in, but the Dolphins defense stepped up and stoned him.

Some observations from the box score (since I couldn’t watch the game):
Visanthe Shiancoe looks like Favre’s go-to guy right now, with not much else happening. He caught six balls for 86 yards.

Following a fruitless one catch performance vs. the Saints, Berrian caught two balls this time around for 24 yards. He is having some trouble producing, I’d say.

Favre looks like he is resorting back to his “throwing with reckless abandon” mode. No touchdowns and three interceptions, two in the redzone, prove to be the culprit for this conclusion.

The Vikings vaunted run defense failed considerably, allowing Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown to gain 110 combined yards.

Jared Allen got a sack!!! Good news!

The Vikes stay at home next week in a matchup with the Lions, which looks like the perfect remedy for a team in flux. Let’s see if Favre can climb out of his rut and actually find some receivers that can do some damage.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Tags: Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, Brett Favre, Dolphins, NFL, Sidney Rice, Vikings
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A Bump in the Road for the Vikes

Posted by sasilverandblack on August 24th, 2010

Brett Favre’s top target Sidney Rice could miss the first half of the regular season after undergoing hip surgery for an injury he suffered during the NFC Championship game against the Saints. He has already begun physical therapy to recoup so he can return before midseason.

As a result of this news coupled with the shaky state of second year wild card Percy Harvin, the Vikings have signed former Packer receiver Javon Walker. Walker’s lone Pro Bowl appearance was in 2004 when Favre was his quarterback. He hasn’t reached the 1,000-yard receiving plateau since 2006 when he was a Bronco.

Hopefully Walker will be revitalized playing with Favre again, because the Vikings’ lack of depth at wide receiver is becoming a concern. They need someone to step in and fill Rice’s 1,300-yard, Pro Bowl shoes. Bernard Barrian looks to be that guy, but he underachieved last season. Hopefully this year is different for the sake of the Vikings. Otherwise, this season will be a long one for Favre in particular.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Tags: Bernard Barrian, Brett Favre, Javon Walker, NFL, Sidney Rice, Vikings
Posted in Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings, NFL, Original Content, Sidney Rice | No Comments »

Favre’s Back…

Posted by sasilverandblack on August 23rd, 2010

…And everybody knows it, including 49ers Pro Bowl linebacker Patrick Willis, who sacked Favre on his third play from scrimmage in their Week 3 pre-season matchup. Although the 49ers won the game 15-10, the Vikings were just excited to see their man dressed in their purple and gold number 4 jersey. The media, AKA: ESPN, has not relented in the Brett Favre will he, won’t he waffling saga. This, outside of Vikings fans, has annoyed the hell of people. Even some Vikings fans have gotten sick of hearing about him (including the writer of this blog). One thing is for sure, once that guy goes out and flings that ball to a receiver, people watch. You can’t deny that fact. Tell me you didn’t watch that NFC Championship game against the Saints last year and witness a man who was laboring through the pain he endured from getting pummeled by the Saints defense. Tell me you don’t see the raw emotion and passion he has for the game that drives him. When he finally does decide to hang up those war-tattered cleets, his legacy will be one of hard work that is evidence of the unfiltered passion he puts on display every time he puts on a uniform.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Tags: Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings, NFL
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